CSSPP Partner Benefits

Benefits of Being a CSSPP Partner

CSSPP provides "Concierge" support for Companies looking to engage with the Baskin School of Engineering for human resources, research and faculty engagement.

Access to Students

CSSPP provides a variety of services to help your company increase visibility among BSOE students and successfully search for future employees:

  • Exclusive targeted internship marketing with faculty and student groups
  • Exclusive CSSPP Networking Day at Baskin School of Engineering facilitated by Corporate Development
  • Staff: informational session, networking and recruiting
  • Collaborative opportunities with Engineering Student Organizations
  • Opportunities to sponsor elective classes in specialized subject areas

Access to Faculty and Research

Research collaborations with BSOE faculty can amplify and leverage your R&D efforts. CSSPP helps identify and facilitate a variety of collaboration types with faculty and graduate students:

  • Identification of, and introduction to, faculty in corporate partner's areas of interest
  • Facilitation of sponsored research projects with a range of engagements from contracts with defined
  • deliverables and IP ownership to unrestricted gift-funded projects
  • Expedited technology transfer and licensing for faculty research results facilitated by BSOE corporate development
  • "Invitation-only" receptions with faculty and graduate students at major BSOE events like Research Review Day
  • Facilitation of corporate partner-specific elective classes through engagement with relevant faculty and BSOE staff