Baskin School of Engineering's (BSOE) Corporate Sponsored Senior Project Program (CSSPP) fosters deep and valuable relationships with the Silicon Valley business community through student, faculty and corporate engagement. While not all of our students participate in the program it is a great opportunity for those who do. BSOE's mission is to deliver value for its students while spurring the economy and developing academic research with Commercial needs in mind.

  • Corporate Sponsors collaborate with faculty to define high-value senior design projects
  • Students are engaged in meaningful interdisciplinary team-based learning
  • Teams of 3-5 students work on the project for three quarters (1200 work-hours minimum) to fulfill their graduation requirements
  • The corporate sponsor provides a designated liaison as the team's customer
  • Sponsor helps plan projects to ensure that schedules and milestones are realistic
  • Teams interact with sponsors weekly for project to review project status and progress
  • Corporate sponsors can receive full intellectual property rights to all results developed by undergraduate students

CSSPP Promo Video

Thank you to all of our sponsors and Partner's Day attendees for your support. You made this year's Partner's Day one of our best.

Download these materials for more information on the program:

Past and Current Corporate Sponsors