Student Skill Sets

Computer Science Skill Sets

 Area of Focus   Computer Science Skill Sets Recent Projects
Computer Systems
  • Operating Systems, Embedded Operating Systems

Integrating part of the GO language into the Truffle network to support Oracle's Multilingual Engine (MLE)

Storage Systems
  • Adaptation of existing file systems
  • Analysis of file system variations
  • File system utilities
Analyzing storage usage and CPU performance using parallel machine learning.
Web Engineering
  • Database-Basked Web Sites
  • Information Design
  • JavaScript
  • HTML 5
  • Flash
  • Cloud Computing
  • Interfacing with Cloud APIs
Automating two aspects of cloud-native applications: building template cloud applications and providing external communication into an existing virtual cluster.
Machine Learning / Data Analytics
  • Statistical, Classification and Similarity Type Analyses of Large Data Sets
  • Ability to perform visualization of large data sets
Using the random forest machine learning module to see if two health records belong to the same person.
Mobile Applications
  • Applications for Mobile Phones and Tablets (iPhone OS / Android / Windows Phone 7)
An application for Android and iOS to allow police officers to conduct the majority of a traffic stop through the use of a mobile app, negating the need to approach a driver's vehicle.
Computer Games
  • Design and implementation of interactive computer games running on a wide range of platforms (mobile platforms, browser-based, Windows)
Detect contaminants in spinach at a food processing plant using open source software, computer vision and inexpensive hardware.
Proof of Concept / Emerging Standards
  • Proof of concept implementation of emerging software standard, interface standards, etc
IoT intrusion detection for traffic security.

Computer Engineering / Electrical Engineering Skill Sets

Area of Focus Computer Engineering / Electrical Engineering Skill Sets Recent Projects
  • Location-aware systems (from sensors, GPS, or reference marks)
  • Embedded Systems
  • Automotive Sensor Systems
  • Co-processors and special purpose digital devices
  • Instrumentation platforms
  • Actuators / controllers

Automotive Black Box.

Pneumatically actuated feedback control for organic LED printing machinery.

Signal Processing
  • Signal Conditioning
  • Signal / Waveform Recognition
  • Multimedia Signal Processing (eg Transcoding)
  • Acoustic Effects (eg Music)

Residential Electrical Load Monitoring

  • Precision Feedback and Robotic Control Systems

Robotic Motion Picture Camera Arm

Autonomous Systems
  • Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Mail Delivery Robot

Autonomous Fisk Tracking Kayak

Autonomous GPS-enabled Quadcopter

Communications / Networks
  • Protocols / Network Bridging
  • Specialized Low Cost / Low Power RF Data Links
Cisco-optimized packet processing.
Remote Sending / Environment Monitoring
  • Wireless Sensor Systems for Alternative Energy Applications

Island Seabird Monitoring - Audio/Visual

Trout River Migration Motioning (RFID Checkpoints)

Human-Computer Interfaces
  • New Input Devices / Haptics
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Image Input
  • Advanced Display Technologies
  • Human-Computer Interfaces

Glove mouse

Assistive Devices
  • Assistive Devices

Bluetooth-Enabled crosswalk for the Blind

Lower Limb Pneumatic Exoskeleton

Alternative Energy
  • Alternative Energy

Regenerate Bicycle

Ocean Wave Generator

Low-Cost Synchrophasors