Affordable Piano Amplification

Ensembles need to amplify pianos as they are quieter than other instruments, but the standard processes for amplifying pianos have two major problems. Microphones are an impractical method to amplify a piano's notes as they pick up unwanted noise in the form of reflections and ambient sounds. Currently other pickup system on the market have a steep price of $700.  With such a large price tag it can prohibitively expensive for enthusiast or a high school band.  

The Affordable Piano Amplification team has developed a system where sensors are placed on the soundboard of the piano and slid under the strings and cast iron plate. Wires connect the sensors to the amplification circuit, which is placed outside of the piano and outputs the resultant signal to a ¼” jack amplifier.


Block Diagram Depicting Basic System Architecture

Block Diagram Depicting System Architecture


Team Members

Evan Collins-Smith: 4th year Electrical Engineering Student, UCSC Baskin School of Engineering

Eric Liu is a graduating Electrical Engineering student with a minor in Computer Engineering. His coursework experience in UCSC’s Introduction to Mechatronics allowed him to gain enough experience to design the Solidworks 3D model required for this project and learn mechanical drawing standards. His goal after graduation is to use the skills he learned in college to simply make a difference in someone else’s life in whatever shape or form.

Evan Mercado: Electrical Engineering Student, UCSC Baskin School of Engineering

Amateur Photographer/Bass Player

Abdul Nomair: Electrical Engineering Student, UCSC Baskin School of Engineering

Director Of Operations, Vigilant Eye Security LLC

Hobbies: Basketball and Boxing 

Goal: To make the world a better place.

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