Automated Greenhouse

After reaching out to local farmers for input, the Automated Greenhouse team developed a platform that enables users to automate control of a greenhouse environment. The system consist of a main hub module, which is wirelessly paired with sensor sub-modules that transmit sensor information to be processed in the hub. This sensor data can be coupled with a greenhouse's lighting, ventilation and watering systems to create a fully autonomous greenhouse.  

Figure 1: Conceptual Block Diagram of Automated Greenhouse



Team Members

Jacob Hammond is completing his B.S EE at UCSC after this quarter. Through experience gained in UCSC’s EE157 Jacob was able to have a good fundamental understanding of PCBs which laid a good framework for the project. Through his internship at General Dynamics NASSCO he learned fundamental project leading skills which aided when being team lead assist.  


Rodolfo Zaragoza is a graduating Electrical Engineering senior focusing on embedded systems and hardware development. With his background in embedded C, he has a solid foundation for development of our system’s design as the programming lead.  


Daniel Schilling is a senior Electrical Engineering student with a focus in Electronics and Optics. Daniel held multiple leadership positions during his career at UCSC including President of the honor society Tau Beta Pi and team lead during the senior capstone project. In addition to team lead, he acted as the power system engineer for the duration of the project while working closely with the circuit and programming teams to build a working design. After graduating in June, he plans to pursue a career as a power system engineer.  


Drew Peebler is a senior Electrical Engineering undergraduate student with a focus in Electronics & Optics. Drew brings his previous course experience in mechanical drawings and 3D modeling in order to design and construct weatherproof enclosures to house the project's various modules and components.  




Philip Datte is focusing on analog electronics and integrated circuits. His experience with mixed signal board layout and EE157’s RF Hardware design is put to good use as the Circuits subteam lead. His internships at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory add a unique perspective to his work.   




Anton Zelkin is studying undergraduate Electrical Engineering with significant experience working with embedded systems. CSE 121 laid the foundation necessary for the project’s tasks.   


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