Wearable Passive Biosensor Suite


Current tools for collecting physiological signals for human factors research have poor cost-effectiveness, with a high price tag for a small amount of sensor outputs. The Passive Biosensor Suite is a sensor suite that challenges the norms of physiological monitoring modules for research with its low price and plentiful sensor outputs.


The picture above is the realized system the Passive Biosensor Suite team created in use.


Team Members

Sabrina Fong is an upcoming graduate of UCSC for a B.S. in Bioengineering - Bioelectronics concentration. As a familiar user of multiple programming languages and an eager learner, she assisted in the integration of ROS with the Passive Biosensor Suite.


David Resendes is a soon to be graduate at UCSC In Electrical Engineering. Familiar with mechanical work and financial organization due to hobbies and experience, he led the mechanical design for the project, created the CAD design with AutoCAD, assisted with sensor design, and led the financial documentation for the Passive Biosensor Suite.


Aaron Nguyen is an upcoming UCSC graduate with a B.S. in Bioelectronics and a minor in Electrical engineering. His familiarity with schematic capture and PCB layout allowed him to excel at creating the PCB for the auxiliary suite.



Gabriel Sanchez is an upcoming graduate with a B.S. in Bioengineering - Bioelectronics concentration and a minor in Electrical Engineering. His familiarity with sensor circuit design was critical in interfacing all of the sensors with the rest of the system. As the project lead and product owner, he oversaw the progress of all subteams throughout the year and played an important role in bringing all aspects of the project together. 



Zhongming Liao is going to graduate at UCSC with a B.S. in Computer Engineering and Robotic Engineering. He is familiar with programming in Microcontroller and ROS; To achieve the integration of the Passive Biosensor Suite Project, he assisted the team in software design and led Microntroller coding. 



Phong Leis an upcoming graduate with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. Familiar with Cadence capture and PCB layout. 


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