Mobile Power Station

Scientific studies show that individuals who work outdoors among trees, fresh air, and sunlight experience less stress and are more productive. However, those who rely on electronic devices for their work are limited by the lack of reliable recharging stations outdoors. With lingering Covid-19 isolation protocols further raising stress-levels and mental fatigue, it is important to develop practical means to prolong outdoor productivity. 

Therefore, the MSPS team has developed a novel and environmentally friendly  proof of concept product that will guarantee to promote and prolong productivity outdoors. This was done by developing a reliable power station composed of a photovoltaic system, and a mobile structure that is easy to move.

Figure 1: Front and left view of the MSPS station with dimensions.


Figure 2: Image showcasing how the MSPS is a table-side addition.



Team Members:

Pauline Mae Bio:

Pauline Mae is a Bioengineering major concentrating in Bioelectronics and minoring in Electrical Engineering. She is motivated to improve and advance human life by discovering means of further integrating technology and biology together.  After graduation, Pauline looks forward to exploring her creativity and contributing to the field of either biomechanics or machine learning and deep learning for the data-analysis and study of bioelectrical technologies. For the Mobile Solar Power Station project, Pauline self-studied mechanical engineering design and Solidworks to design, construct, and simulate the MSPS structure.




Brock Carroll:

Brock Carroll is a senior student preparing to earn a bachelor's degree at UCSC majoring in electrical engineering with a concentration in electronics/optics. Brock would like to focus on circuit design while further developing his programming skills. The ability to take part in the senior design series has provided an understanding into what it takes to develop a product globally. Brock has successfully implemented a security and lighting system to help both protect his team’s project, the Mobile Solar Power Station, as well as provide adequate lighting for low-light or nighttime conditions that will help prolong outdoor productivity and reduce stress levels of individuals. 


Ergin Maldonado bio:

 Ergin is a graduating senior from the electrical engineering bachelor program at UCSC, with a particular interest in renewable energy, energy control and control systems. To coincide with his interest, Ergin joined the Mobile Solar Power Station as the Electrical Engineer lead where he was responsible for designing , building, and testing electrical equipment for a Photovoltaic standalone system. Currently, he is working as a junior controls engineer at a company (DST control) involved in industrial automation. In this position, he has gained experience verifying and developing drawing, as well as testing and designing automated control systems involving PLCs.


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