Rent-a-Driveway (R.A.D.)


Rent-A-Driveway allows the community to post and rent driveways for parking; making it easier to connect drivers in crowded areas to homeowners with open spaces available! This is accomplished through the R.A.D mobile app which uses a combination of Google API services to search for and create parking spaces. 

Why a parking app?

In the United States, the average driver spends approximately 17 hours per year searching for parking at a cost of $345 per driver.
At UCSC, 2898 students purchase parking permits, roughly 600 students are on the waitlist for those permits, and about 20,000 parking citations occur each academic year. The demand to increase parking accessibility can be addressed by monetizing and opening access to driveways.

How RAD works

System Architecture


  • Post your driveway for users to rent, bringing more money to your wallet.
  • Interactable map to search and filter through available parking spaces and vehicle specific utilities  such as electronic charging.
  • “Park now” Find available spaces near you, for you, in real time.
  • Smart pricing algorithm that suggests a spots worth based on time-of-day demand.
  • Driveway Schedule to reserve parking for a later date.

Future Work

Next year, R.A.D will implement security features such as transactions and proof of residency.


Many thanks to

  • Richard Jullig,
  • Police Chief Oweis Nader,
  • Faeze Brahman,
  • Scott Davis,
  • Golam Muktadir