Land Trust Management (Land Trust of Santa Cruz County)


Land Trust Mobile is a mobile app that allows users to register for permits, report conditions, access company content, and view maps of the preserved regions. Land Trust Web is a complimentary website for the land trust office to view and process permit requests and reports.


The mobile app is for those visiting the nature regions. The web app is for the data those visitors generate.
For the mobile application: 

  • Home directs to the existing Land Trust services (become a member, donate, social media and other content).
  • Permit emails the user a San Vicente permit; adds an entry to the database.
  • Report sends the entered data to the database (see bottom right corner).
  • Maps uses GoogleMaps to show the location of listed regions.

For the web application:

  • Reports and Permits each pull from the database to display their data.


Land Trust of Santa Cruz County is committed to protecting, maintaining, and sharing natural areas. This land trust’s non-profit work consists of constructing coastal bike routes, creating forest trails, and keeping natural places safe from industrialization. In order to extend the capabilities of Land Trust of Santa Cruz and enhance the experience for visitors of these regions, we developed a mobile and web application.


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Land Trust of Santa Cruz County: 
Brendan Quirk
Dr. Richard Jullig, Akila de Silva