SAWbots: A Platform for Affordable Minimally Invasive Surgeries


There is currently a lack of minimally invasive procedure (MIP) technology in the medical industry. This type of technology significantly decreases the size and number of incisions needed to operate, which has been shown to improve patient outcomes when compared to traditional surgery. SAWbots provide the optimal solution by providing MIP technology at a decreased cost, thereby making safer surgery more accessible to the medical field. This project improves upon a novel form of propulsion in fluid in compliance with our stakeholder’s requirements. The team used Yanny K. Bourquin and Jonathan M. Cooper’s Swimming Using Surface Acoustic Waves as a starting point for our research and benchmark for our results.

First layer

Second layer



Developed by Dr. Yanik's Research Lab in conjunction with Nic Van Oss, Allie Hunsinger, Phil Canete, Summer Alherz, and Alex Bakaleynik